Being popular in festive and non-festive occasions, goats have become the most domesticated animals in the globe. They offer a wide range of uses to human beings – meat, skin, hair including milk produce. Goat farming business, if carefully planned, can be lucrative and enjoyable experience. It has been proven that this business entails to a lot of things to consider. If this is done well it supplements the income of households in rural communities. The investment for goats is low, but its management should be semi-intensive and extensive as well.

Compare to the better known and used farm animals like cattle, swine, and chicken, goat farming business has least threatening competitors in the market. Aside from its low capital than other four-legged farm animals, it provides higher Return of Investment (ROI). Moreover, selling goat kids generates good profit.

There are several types of market one can do for livestock farming like that of goats. One can focus on dairy products such as milk and cheese. If not goats’ skin can be sold as leather, too. Some restaurants serve exotic dishes which goat meat is the essential ingredient. This is also a good pick for this niche business! These are just the primary reasons to plunge in the goat enterprise. The next is to how to promote continuous growth of the business.

Here is a step-by-step strategy for starting a goat farming business in Philippines:

Geography and Location is important for goat farming business:

choosing a place for goat raisingCheck if the land area is fit for goat raising business in Philippines. Some breeds of goats prefer to grow well in a dense climate. The Southern goat breeds, on the other
hand, are comfortable in drier climates. Consider also the community if eating goat meat is a daily practice. Muslims is one of groups that belong to this. Consider your local market where you can sell your products easily.

If you are living in an urban area, consult your local government if they allow goat raising. Set appointments for the nearest zoning board, building inspector, or other regional government office. The landlord and homeowner association should also be taken into consideration.

Type of Breed

choosing type of breed in goat raisingKnowing the specific breed of goats for the type of goat farming business you intend to establish is important. Take note that goat farm must be operated based on the breed and use. There are breeds which are best for milk production, and other breeds provide rich goat milk, while some groups can be used for the production of fiber. The following points are also necessary for selecting goats:

  • Number of goats – Like sheep goats are social animals. They like to live in herds. They would try to escape if kept alone, in worst case, uncooperative to its caretakers. For example, male goats, or bucks, when castrated, cannot be kept with the female goats (does). Hence, this would indicate that one needs to purchase more than two goats. As a start-up entrepreneur, buy two does and pay for breeding of your does to bucks in another goat farm.
  • Age of goats – Younger bucklings are cheaper compare to older ones. Eight weeks old kid requires one to two years before it can be bred, produce milk, or be sold as meat. An adult goat is the cheapest option, but make sure that farmers are selling milk from the quality of goat you desire.


Goats are multi-purpose farm animals. So before investing in goats, you should determine the goat by-product you want to sell in the locale. They are a great source of a number of by-products.

  • Meat – The meat of goats is called chevon. Though it is not popular as beef, chicken, or pork, it is in demand to specific markets like goat restaurants and goat meat sellers.
  • Fiber – The kidskin is not only a great source of some quality fabric. It is also used as leather for gloves, shoes, and other accessories. The Tanned skin, commonly known as goat skin, is used in making rugs and binding carpets.goat-fiber
  • Milk and Cheese – Dairy products from goats are not common to many. Since it is more unique, it could be sold at a higher price compare to other animal dairy by-products.goat-milk
  • Goat themselves – These animals can also be sold alive. Why would you kill them when they are sellable alive? The price value of the live goats depends on the type of breed and physical and reproductive condition.

Success in any kinds of business endeavor can be achieved if it is done with proper knowledge, dedication, and hard work. Surely, your goat farming business will generate income.

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