(Photos Credit by Mayette Tudlas)

Many Mayors in Batangas talked with Top Agriculture officials in Byaheng Bukid in Batangas to discuss their interest in reviving the cattle raising industry and become Metro Manila’s top beef producer once again. Before, Batangas was the known as the Philippine Livestock Capital as the province was the main source of beef for Metro Manila. Read Secretary Manny Piñol’s post:

Priority program


By Manny Piñol

Lipa City, Batangas – Remember the “Bulalong Batangas” and the days when the province was the main source of beef for Metro Manila?

That was many years ago.

In recent years, the volume of beef coming from the province has dwindled and the.main products supplied by Batangas to the Metro Manila markets had been pork, chicken and eggs.

On Tuesday, at least a dozen mayors of the province who met with top Agriculture officials during the Biyaheng Bukid sa Batangas expressed interest in reviving the cattle raising industry and become.Metro Manila’s top beef producer once again.

As agreed, each of the towns which will participate in the Livestock Development Program will identify areas which would serve as Multiplier Farms.

The Department of Agriculture would then come in and train farmer beneficiaries on the development of forage areas, feed formulation and cattle rearing and management.

Each participating town will get 100 ready-to-breed Gyrolando heifers from Brazil starting 2018.

The Gyrolando heifers, a dual-purpose breed, will then serve as surrogate mothers of fertilized embryos of the Brangus which is the ideal breed for meat production.

The Gryolando heifers will be milked while the Brangus calves will be fattened for the meat market.

By the end of the term of President Rody Duterte, Batangas aims to start supplying Metro Manila markets with quality beef and regain its reputation as the country’s livestock capital.